Date                           Time            Place                                        Function                                      
 January 29th 2014            7.30pm  Vestry Brondeifi  AGM
 February 22nd 2014  7.00pm  Grannell Llanwnnen  50th Anniversary Dinner
 March 18th 2014  7.30pm  Llanwenog Church  Concert
 April 6th 2014  1.30pm  St David's Church Neath  Rehearsal Albert Hall
 April 13th 2014  7.00pm  Silian Church  Church Singing Festival
 May 23rd/25th 2014  9.30am  Queen's Hotel Llandudno  50th Anniversary Trip
 June 27th 2014  7.30pm  St James's Hall Cwmann  50th Anniversary Concert
 July 11th 2014  2.00pm  Brondeifi Chapel Lampeter  Sing in funeral (A Roderick)
 July 11th 2014  7.00pm  Shiloh Chapel Lampeter  TV Recording S4C
 August 7th 2014  11.45am  Carmarthenshire CC stand  Sing to entertain
     National Eisteddfod Llanelli  
 August 7th 2014  1.00pm  Entertainment Stage  Sing to entertain
     National Eisteddfod Llanelli  
 August 10th 2014  7.30pm  University Chapel Lampeter  Entertain Australian Party 
 September 20th 2014  3.15pm   Alltymynydd Llanybydder  Sing at Summer Fair
 October 11th 2014  2.00pm  Llanddewi Brefi  Sing at Funeral (Mrs B Davies)
 October 11th 2014  6.30pm  Conrah Chancery  Sing at Wedding 
 October 12th 2014  7.00pm  Soar Chapel Lampeter  50th Anniversary Gymanfa
 October 22nd 2014  7.00pm  St James's Hall Cwmann  Launch of 50th Anniv. Book
 October 30th 2014  7.00pm  Vestry Aberduar Llanybydder     Charity Concert
 October 31st 2014  7.30pm  Hall Velindre Drefach  Charity Concert
 November 1st 2014  12.00pm   Llanfiangel ar Arth Church  Sing at Funeral (Ifor Rees)
 November 7th 2014  7.30pm  Memorial Hall Aberaeron  British Legion Concert
 November 12th 2014  7.00pm  Morfa Chapel Aberystwyth  Rehearsal Albert Hall
 November 29th 2014  12.00pm  Arts Hall University  Open Christmas Fair
 December 3rd 2014  6.00pm  Alltymynydd Llanybydder  Entertain Residents
 December 3rd 2014  7.15pm  Cwmaur Llanybydder  Entertain Residents
 December 4th 2014  5.00pm  High Street Lampeter  Carol singing
 December 10th 2014  7.00pm  Hafan Deg Lampeter  Entertain Residents
 December 10th 2014  8.00pm  Llys Pedr Lampeter  Entertain Residents
 December 14th 2014  2.00pm  Min y Mor Aberaeron  Entertain Residents
 December 20th 2014  7.00pm  St Peter's Church Lampeter   Christain Aid Concert


   2015 Happy New Year  
 January 14th 2015  7.00pm  Hafan yr Efail Llanon  Entertain Residents
 January 28th 2015  7.30pm  Brondeifi Vestry  AGM
 March 7th 2015  7.30pm  Grannell Hotel Llanwnnen  Annual Dinner
 March 18th 2015  8.00pm  Brondeifi Vestry Lampeter  Milk Challenge
 March 22nd 2015  1.00pm  Pontardawe Leisure Centre  Rehearsal Albert Hall 
 March 31st 2015  7.30pm  Grannell Hotel Llanwnnen  Sing at book launch
 April 22nd 2015  7.30pm  Morfa Chapel Aberystwyth  Rehearsal Albert Hall
 May 7th 2015  7.00pm  Leisure Centre Lampeter  Record Noson Lawen for S4C
 May 9th 2015  7.00pm  Albert Hall London  1000 voice Concert
 June 13th 2015  7.30pm  Llanfair Clydogau Hall  Concert for visitors
 July 4th 2015  2.00pm  Canolfan Cwmann  Cacen a chan Corisma
 July 15th 2015  7.30pm  Tabernacl Aberaeron  Joint practice with Aberystwyth
 July 24th 2015  7.30pm  Tabernacl Aberaeron  Joint concert with Aberystwyth MV
 August 7th 2015  1.00pm  National Eisteddfod Meifod  Sing to entertain on field
 August 20th 2015  7.30pm   Aberporth Hall  Concert
 August 22nd 2015  3.00pm   Alltymynydd Llanybydder   Sing at Summer Fair
 September 26th 2015  11.00am  Llanarth Church  Sing in wedding ceremony
 October 10th 2015  2.00pm  Lampeter Church   Sing in wedding ceremony
 November 18th 2015  7.00pm      Hafan yr Efail Llannon  Entertain Residents
 November 21st 2015  7.30pm   St Teilo's Church Brechfa  Charity Concert (Postponed)
 November 28th 2015 12.00 noon  Arts Hall TSD Lampeter  Open Xmas Fair
 December 2nd 2015   7.00pm       Hafan Deg Lampeter   Entertain Residents
 December 2nd 2015  8.00pm   Llys Pedr Lampeter  Entertain Residents
 December 9th 2015  7.00pm  Annedd Home Llanybydder  Entertain Residents
 December 10th 2015  5.30PM  High Street Lampeter  Sing carols
 December 13th 2015  6.30pm  Llanybydder Church  Sing in carol service
 December 16th 2015  6.30pm  Alltymynydd Llanybydder  Entertain Residents
 December 16th 2015  7.30pm  Cwm Aur Llanybydder  Entertain Residents
 December 23rd 2015  7.00pm  Min y Mor Aberaeron  Entertain Residents
 December 28th 2015  11.00am  Llanwenog Church   Sing in wedding ceremony