Date Place  Time  Function
 February 19th 2012       Neath Sports Centre  1.00pm   Final Rehersal for 1000 voices
 March 2nd 2012  Pontrhydyfendigaid Pavilion  7.00pm   Recording Hymn Singing 
 March 24th 2012  MEN Arena Manchester  7.00pm   1000 voices concert 
 April 21st 2012  Neuadd Brofana Ffarmers  7.30pm   Charity Concert 
 May 4th 2012  Pontgarreg Hall  7.30pm   Concert
 May 20th 2012  Capel Gwyddgrug  5.00pm   Take part in singing festival 
 June 16th 2012  Alltymynydd Home (Cancelled) 3.30pm   Sing at Summer Fair
 June 23rd 2012  Selwyn Samuel Centre Llanelli    7.00pm   Concert to celebrate 50th
       Anniversary Bury Port Choir
 June 27th 2012  Lloyds Fish and Chips Lampeter 6.45pm  Sing for Heno on S4C 
 August 9th 2012  National Eisteddfod Glamorgan 1.00pm   Sing on entertainment stand 
 September 15th 2012     Alltymynydd Home 2.30pm  Sing at Summer Fair
 October 27th 2012  Victoria Hall Llanwrtyd 7.30pm   Concert
 November 9th 2012  Trinity/St David's College Lampeter  8.30pm   Concert for RABI event 
 November 21st 2012  Brondeifi Vestry 8.00pm   Extraordinary General Meeting
 December 2nd 2012  Smyrna Llangain  7.00pm   Concert 
 December 5th 2012  Alltymynydd Home Llanybydder  6.00pm   Sing to residents
 December 5th 2012  Cwm Aur Home Llanybydder  7.15pm   Sing to residents 
 December 12th 2012  Hafan Deg Lampeter 7.00pm   Sing to residents
 December 12th 2012  Llys Pedr Lampeter 8.00pm   Sing to residents
 December 19th 2012  Min y Mor Aberaeron 7.00pm   Sing to residents
 2013  Blwyddyn Newydd Dda    Happy New Year
 January 9th 2013  Brondeifi Vestry 7.30pm   Annual General Meeting
 March 9th 2013  Grannell Hotel, Llanwnnen 7.30pm  Annual Dinner
 March 17th 2013  Alltymynydd Residential Home 4.00pm   Sing to residents
 March 22nd 2013  Victoria Hall, Lampeter 7.00pm   Opening of music festival
 May 19th 2013      Llanfair Clydogau Church  6.00pm   Concert 
 May 20th 2013  Llangeitho Chapel 7.00pm   Recording TV programme
 June 26th 2013  Community Centre Cwmann 7.00pm   Song, strawberries and cream 
 August 8th 2013  National Eisteddfod Denbigh 1.00pm  Sing on Eisteddfod field
 August 16th 2013           St Peter's Church Lampeter  11.30am      Sing in Wedding
 August 31st 2013  Alltymynydd Residential Home 3.30pm   Sing at Summer Fair 
 September 14th 2013  New Theatre, Llanelli 7.00pm   Mass Choir Children in need
 September 22nd 2013  Penybont Church Trelech 7.30pm   Concert in aid of church funds
 October 14th 2013  Tabernacl Chapel Whitland 7.30pm   Rehersal for Albert Hall Concert
 November 2nd 2013  St David's Hall Cardiff 7.00pm  Sing in Remembrance Festival
 November 17th 2013  Seilo Chapel Lampeter 7.00pm   Take part in singing Festival
 November 30th 2013  Arts Hall, TSD, Lampeter 12.00 noon   Sing at opening of Xmas fair
 December 4th 2013  Alltymynydd, Llanybydder 6.00pm   Sing to residents
 December 4th 2013  Cwmaur, Llanybydder  7.15pm   Sing to residents
 December 5th 2013  High Street Lampeter 6.30pm   Community Carol Singing
 December 11th 2013  Hafandeg Lampeter 7.00pm   Sing to residents
 December 11th 2013  Llys Pedr Lampeter 8.00pm   Sing to residents
 December 18th 2013  Min y Mor, Aberaeron 7.00pm   Sing to residents
 December 25th 2013  Happy Christams to all All day   From all members of the choir